What The Capsule Report Is

What The Capsule Report Is

Concise, informative, practical.

The Capsule Report helps you stay informed and up-to-date. We have been informing veterinarians for 36 years without a single issue missed. There is no advertising to distract you. The Capsule Report selects the articles that are of practical significance to the veterinarian and separates the wheat from the chaff (i.e. the “good stuff” you want and care about), saving you time and money. The Capsule Report is intended specifically to meet the needs of busy practitioners who want concise and relevant information of drugs, treatments, procedures and techniques. A typical issue will have approximately 20 articles over a wide range of topics. The source of each article is provided as is its author.

There are over 40 national, regional, and state meetings and conferences. They all include speakers who are experts in their field, and general practitioners, like yourself. How many of us can afford the time (and expense) of attending more than a few of these meetings? THE CAPSULE CAN. By purchasing proceedings from the meetings, the Capsule is able to go over each lecture and extract information valuable to the veterinarian.

The Capsule is especially useful for the recent Grad, as most of our learning comes after graduation. The Capsule Report provides practical information not learned in vet school. A lot of information in the Capsule is not found in the literature. Take the following for example. * Lomotil as a cough suppressant. * Canned pumpkin as a source of fiber. * What happens when an IN vaccine is given by other routes? * A website on anesthesia. * Annual vaccination not necessary. * Botox for joint pain.

Don’t just take our word for it.

The “proof of the pudd’n is in the eatin.” Click on Recent Articles to see some recent issues. Also check out the Indexes to see the wide range of topics that have been reported.

How The Capsule Report Works

Get state-of-the-art practical information anywhere.

The Capsule Report is published monthly and delivered to you electronically via email (pdf) format. View it on your computer, smart phone, or tablet, or print it out.

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Who We Are

The Capsule Report at a glance.

  • Where’s the information come from?
  • All the information in the Capsule comes from published material–veterinary journals and newsletters and proceedings from conferences and meetings throughout the United States. Each article is suffixed with the author's name and the source of the article.
  • Who writes the Capsule?
  • Information that is deemed relevant to the practicing veterinarian is arranged by the editor and presented in easy-to-read fashion. All of the speakers/writers are experts in their field and/or practitioners sharing information of interest.
  • Who is the editor?
  • With over 30 years clinical experience in small animal practice, William L. Collins, DVM, is well qualified to capture information from the literature that is relevant and practical to the veterinarian. Dr. Collins reviews over 25 journals each month and over 50 proceedings from state and national conferences and meetings.
  • Who is the Capsule for?
  • The Capsule is intended for the small/mixed animal practitioner. Many practitioners, especially solo practitioners have little time for CE. The Capsule Report can keep the doctor up-to-date with less than 30 minutes of reading a month.