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A typical issue has approximately 20 articles. The Capsule Report is specifically intended to meet the needs of busy practitioners who want concise and relevant information about medications, treatments, procedures and techniques. The author of each article and source is provided so the reader can investigate further if so desired. Click on the links below to see content from recent issues.

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February 2020

Volume 38, Number 11

Acepromazine; Analgesia, DJD in cats; Anesthesia, in the obese; Behavior meds; Behavior, chill protocol; Blood smears, creating; Cat ears, danger of cleaning; Chronic bronchitis; CPR, how long; Diabetes, Toujeo insulin; Discolored teeth; Emetic, hydrogen peroxide; Fluids, administering; Food allergy; Heartworm treatment, doxycycline; Heartworm, cat; Hypothyroidism diagnosing; Otitis, antibiotics for; Otitis, explaining to owner; Pancreatitis, chronic, nutrition; Pyrethroid toxicity, cat; Small herbivores, antibiotics; Standard of care; Urethral obstruction, fluids

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January 2020

Volume 38, Number 10

Acute kindey injury in the ER; Anesthesia myths; Anesthesia, kidney patients; Antiepileptic drug; Apoquel, and cancer; Avian, topical analgesia; Behavior drugs; Behavior, cat aggression; Behavior, feline housesoiling; Dental, full-mouth x-rays; Dental, tooth resorption; Dermal decontamination; Diabetes, switching insulins; “Doctor in fi rst”; Fecal transplantation; Fluids, SQ route; Genetic testing; Heart failure, cat; Limb amputation, Greyhound; Microsporum canis, cultures; NSAIDs, long-term in cats; Otitis, culture necessary?; Pet food label, buffalo; Pig ear treats, unsafe; Psychogenic alopecia; Sedatives, heart murmur patients; Wound healing, nutrition

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December 2019

Volume 38, Number 9

Addison’s, tips for diagnosing; Aging study in dogs; Amputation myth; Anesthetic death in cats; Bite wounds; Cannabis -derived products; Cerenia, using pre-operatively; CKD, reducing phosphorus; Dehydration, correction of; Diabetes, changing insulins; Early neutering; Epilepsy, feline, transdermal pheno; FeLV, PCR testing; Heartworm, heat treatment of serum; Hypothyroidism, treatment; Lyme disease, consensus statement; Lyme disease; Otitis, Pseudomonas; Pimobendan treatment trial; Pulmonary function infection; Sedation; and more...

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November 2019

Volume 38, Number 8

Apoquel label; Behavior myth; CKD, using calcitriol; Crowe collar for oxygen delivery; Diabetes, and client communication; Diet history; Enteritis, acute; Feline idiopathic cystitis; Fluids, monitoring shock doses; Food trail; Giardia, dietary therapy; Head trauma, and steroids; Home-prepared diets; Meloxicam, dosing; Metacarpal joints; Mobility issues in the home; Moisturizers; Otic products, utilizing Tris EDTA; Parvovirus, outpatient therapy; Poisoning myths; Pregnancy diagnosis; Probiotics, benefi ts of; Pruritus, and antihistamines; Sedation; and more...

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October 2019

Volume 38, Number 7

Addison’s, cat; Aggressive cats, dealing with; Apomorphine, using; Carbohydrates in dogs; Chlorhexidine, not in cat’s ears; Chronic bronchitis, treatment; Coonhound paralysis; Cushing’s, discussing with client; Early neuter, effects of; FAST ultrasound; Feline constipation; FeLV testing; Heartworm, two or three treatments; Ketoprofen, cat; Lyme disease treatment; Meloxicam, cat; Mitral valve disease, treatment; Nasal parakeratosis, Gold. Ret; Nictitans flap, small mammals; Obesity; Pulmonary contusion, cat; Respiration, patterns of; Saying “recheck” different way; and more...

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September 2019

Volume 38, Number 6

Alpha-2 adrenergic agonists myths; Bartonellosis, diagnosing; Diabetes remission, cat; Diff use skeletal hyperostosis; Endotracheal tube, alternative; Entering practice; Feline stomatitis; FeLV, testing principles; Femoral head ostectomy; Giardia, using metronidazole; Guinea pig, Salmonellosis; Heartworm treatment; Heartworm, owner relocation; Hip dysplasia, home exercise; Hyperadrenocorticism, diagnosing; Juvenile hip dysplasia; Maropitant, for parvovirus; Platelet count, confi rming; Poisoning myths; Probiotics; Sedation; Sleep-wake cycle, treating; Temaril-P; Tylenol; and more...

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August 2019

Volume 38, Number 5

Acepromazine myths; Addison’s disease; Chronic nasal discharge, cat; CKD and ace-inhibitors; CKD, and calcitriol; Clavamox drops, alternatives; Co-management of patients; Congestive heart failure; Degenerative valve disease; Dental radiographs, to protect yourself; Exotics, ER situations; Feline diabetes, a tool kit; Feline injection site sarcoma; Flank alopecia; Gastroprotectants, rational use; Home-prepared diets, dangers of; IBD and probiotics; Intestinal wall, incising; Long-term phenylpropanolamine; Lyme disease, treatment; Mammary tumors, cat; Noise in the OR; Sepsis, and vitamin C; Tooth vitality, assessing; and more...

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July 2019

Volume 38, Number 4

Addison’s disease, signs of; Analgesia, gabapentin; Anesthesia, local in surgical field; Body language of dog, understanding; Canine mammary tumors; Cautery, making less messy; CKD and antacid therapy; Colostrum to the neonate; Cushing’s, signs of; Deciduous teeth, persistent; Diagnosis of cardiopulmonary arrest; Diet-associated cardiomyopathy; Dilated cardiomyopathy, diet-associated; Fear-free practice; Fluids, quick way to determine rate; Home-prepared diets, inadequacies of; KCS, caring for; Medication when tympanic ruptured; Owner’s stress and their dogs; Perianal fistula, treatment; and more...

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June 2019

Volume 38, Number 3

Acral lick granuloma; Acute abdomen, X-ray position; Anemia and fl uids; Apoquel; Behavior and trainers; Behavior problems; Boxers and acepromazine; Congestive heart failure and diet; Congestive heart failure; Dew claw removal, dangers of; Fear-free, avoid bleach; Feline interstitial cystitis; Forward booking; GDV, relation to splenectomy; Intestinal anastomosis, suture pattern; KCS, replacing tears; Otitis prevention with a steroid; Pheromone use; Poisoning myths; Post-anesthesia, the older pet; Sedation, FUO patient; Sedation, IV catheter placement; Stress during surgery; Vaccine-associated sarcoma; and more...

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May 2019

Volume 38, Number 2

Apoquel, dosing; Congestive heart failure, practical treatment; CRIs, understanding; Diet of breeding bitch; Diet trials; Feline arterial thromboembolism; Fluid replacements, exceptions to normal; Fluids, calculating shock doses; Fluorouracil poisoning; FLUTD, short-term relief; Giardia, fecal tests for detection; Glasgow pain scale; Heartworm conversations with clients; Heartworm, in cats; Making cats comfortable in clinic; Naloxone; Obesity paradox; Obesity, many effects of; Opioid abuse, by clients; Sedation, older, heart-problem dog; Socializing adult dogs; Trilostane, monitoring; Tylosin-responsive diarrhea; Urolithiasis, prevention; and more...

Recent Articles

April 2019

Volume 38, Number 1

Acute trauma, stopping hemorrhage; Anesthesia, older cat; Barium spheres, GI study; Behavior and benzodiazepines; Behavior myth; Brachycephalic airway syndrome; CHF patient, care at home; Cognitive dysfunction, cats; Cognitive dysfunction, gonadectomy; Diet history; FUO, fluid therapy; Kitten immunization; Myofascial pain syndrome; NSAIDs and liver disease; Pet food myth; Pimobendan, finding cheaper; Post-clipping alopecia; Radiography, acute abdomen; Radiography, benefit of left-lateral; Surgical prep spray; Tail docking, Rottweilers; Toxicant absorption; Trilostane dosing recommendations; and more...

Recent Articles

March 2019

Volume 37, Number 12

Addison’s disease, the Na/K ratio; Anesthesia, geriatric dogs; Anesthesia, local amounts to inject; Behavior myth; Calming pets, the OTC way; Cobalamin protocol for GI disease; Coconut oil, good or bad; Congestive heart failure, diagnosing; Dietary fats; FeLV, managing healthy cat; GI disease, fl uids; Gonadectomized dogs, perils of; Hemp plant and patient care; Hypothyroidism dosing; Insulin therapy in cats; Levetiracetam, dispelling a myth; Managing insulin therapy; Meloxicam, small mammals; Pain scale for use in OA dogs; Proteinuria; Pruritus, cat, managing; SQ fluids, using; and more...

Recent Articles

February 2019

Volume 37, Number 11

Analgesia, gabapentin in the cat; Anesthesia, for the geriatric; Behavior training, using punishment; Cranial cruciate surgery; Cyclosporine, for pruritus in the cat; Diabetes, insulin for newly diagnosed; Diabetes, patience; Dilated cardiomyopathy, role of taurine; FeLV, what cats to vaccinate; FHV-1, use of L-lysine; Food trials, preparing the food; Fox, wellness care; Glucose monitoring, continuous; Heartworm preventive, missed doses; Hip dysplasia, minimizing joint pain; Honey for cough; Hydrogen peroxide as an emetic; Immunosuppressive drugs, compounded; Low-iodine diet, in normal cats; and more...

Recent Articles

January 2019

Volume 37, Number 10

Animal abuse websites; Antibodies towards insulin; Apomorphine, as an emetic; Atopica use in cat; Bacteriuria, subclinical; CHF, cat, chronic management; CO2 canister; Colitis, stressed induced; Corneal ulcers, topical preparations; CPR, vasopressors; DCM, diet-associated; Diabetes, feline, diet; Diskospondylitis, treatment; DKA, treating subcutaneously; Furosemide trial, when to use; Gastric hypomotility syndrome; Giardia, cats, health risks; IBD, treatment; IV vs. SQ fl uids; Levetiracetam, when to use; Meloxicam, cat; Prescription writing; Sebaceous adenitis, treating; Sedation for fractious dog; and more...

Recent Articles

December 2018

Volume 37, Number 9

Aggression, treating; Behavior training; Cardiology diagnostics, making smart choices; Cardiomyopathy, cat; Cerclage wire, proper use; Cerenia, how can it be used; Cyberbullying; DexSp. Shock doses changed; E coli, treating; FeLV testing criteria; FIC; Grain-free diets, cardiomyopathy; Guinea pig, weight loss; Hip dysplasia, diagnosis; Hyperthyroidism, cat, diagnosis; Immunotherapy, cat; IVDD, surgery or conservative; MRSP infections, treating; OA, early radiographic evidence; Open peritoneal drainage, good or bad; Propofol vs. Alfaxalone; Raw food, the good and the bad; Septic shock, treatment; and more...